The Firebirds Take the Field. Photo by Michael Brosilow.

“Ervin…is a complete revelation, with a face that can melt your heart and a strength and gentle solidity that never fails to surprise.”

Chicago Sun-Times

“Ervin's [performance vibrates] with honesty and restlessness.”

Chicago Tribune

“Jessica Ervin [delivers a] meticulous, affecting performance.”

Chicago Reader

“Ervin’s honesty produces an endearing and fully-drawn character in Ester. We know her immediately and we’re with her through the whole play. She is heartwrenchingly vulnerable and real, and in the midst of it all, this girl is funny.”


“Ervin fluidly manages Ester’s surprising mix of naivete and adult comprehension.”

Dueling Critics

Dry Land. Photo by Michael Brosilow.
The Firebirds Take the Field. Photo by Michael Brosilow.

“The young women ground this piece...Their performances are impressive, particularly Ervin as Penelope.”

New City Stage

“Jessica Ervin...[is] skilled at bringing the mental states of today’s teenagers to the stage...[she has] just the right balance of peppiness and anxiety that so often plagues high schoolers trying to balance their home and school lives.”

Picture this Post

“Amy’s messy descent into self-fulfilling prophecy is hugely compelling. She is complemented exquisitely by Ervin’s Ester.”

New City Stage

“Ervin is perfect as the good girl you want to hate--too kind, too pretty, too eager--without over-performing.”

The Hawk Chicago

I Wanna Fucking Tear You Apart. Photo by Michael Brosilow.